System Design Checklist

System design is the process of creating the architecture, modules, components, interfaces, and data for a system. System design is the core concept behind the design of any distributed systems. These concepts are now repeatedly being asked in several interviews. This checklist covers all the important concepts with which you can ace your interviews!

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Section 0: Different Components of System Design

These components form the building blocks of the system-design.

Section 1: Load Balancing and Scaling

Here we will discuss about different concepts relating to load balancing and scaling.

Section 2: Databases and Data Storage

Database is an integral part of any system, here we will look at the different types and other important concepts relating to it.

Section 3: Distributed Systems

In our systems we might require our devices to work on a variety of tasks and components all spread accross a network, this can be achieved by distributed systems.

Section 4: Data Formats

Each data format is used to handle each type of data.

Section 5: Testing, Tools and Strategies

Testing is an important part of the design cycle, here we will discuss the tools used for testing and different stratergies used to overcome problems.

Section 6: Design Principles and Patterns

To design a system, its important to know about the different design principles and patterns, here we will go through those concepts.

Section 7: System Design of Standard Platforms

Here we will look at the system designs of some standard platforms.

Section 8: System Design of Popular Platforms

Here we will look at the system design of some popular platforms, this would explain how these platorms are able to handle huge user base and their queries.

Section 9: Containerization and Orchestration

Here we will learn about the various uses of cloud technologies.

Section 10: Temp (Confusion)

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