Java Bootcamp with Practical Projects.

Follow this self-paced practical Java bootcamp to master Java Programming in 20 weeks. Save time and study smarter.

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Week 1: Fundamentals and Flow Control

Welcome to Week 1 of our learning journey and dive into the foundational concepts and flow control in Java Programming.

Week 2: Strings

Week 2 is dedicated to the manipulation and handling of strings.

Week 3: Classes

Embark on Week 3, the concept of classes which are the backbone of Object-Oriented Programming.

Week 4: OOP Concepts

Week 4 marks the transition to OOP concepts like encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Week 5: Inheritance

This week is about inheritance and fostering code reusability.

Week 6: Error Handling and Exception

Week 6 revolves around error handling and exceptions in Java.

Week 7: Multithreading and Synchronization

Week 7 introduces the power of multithreading and Synchronization for concurrent execution.

Week 8: Input and Output

Delve into Week 8, unravel the intricacies of handling input and output in Java.

Week 9: Garbage Collection

As we enter Week 9, we dive into garbage collection.

Week 10: Generics and Lambda Expressions

In week 10, dive into Generics and Lambda Expressions and explore versatile type handling and functional programming.

Week 11: Java Memory Management

Week 11 is dedicated to Java Memory Management and how Java handles memory allocation and deallocation.

Week 12: Java Collections

In Week 12, we dive into Java Collections and explore the rich assortment of data structures.

Week 13: GUI in Java

Welcome to Week 13, explore the creation of interactive Java applications using AWT, Swing and JavaFX.

Week 14: APIs and Java Servlets

Week 14 is all about Application Programming Interfaces and Java Servlets for the creation of dynamic web content.

Week 15: Design Pattern

Week 15 focuses on design patterns in Java.

Week 16 and 17: Java Interview Prep

In preparation for interviews, Week 16-17 equips you with essential Java interview concepts to brush up on your skills.

Week 18 and 19: Miscellaneous

Week 18-19 is a roundup of miscellaneous topics, from advanced language features to unique tips and tricks.

Week 20 Onwards: Projects

Week 20 is project-centric, where you'll apply your newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios and solidifying your skills.

Best of Luck.

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