Graph Algorithms Checklist: 13 weeks free course

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Only concepts that you need to review to master Graph algorithms


Week 1: Graph Algorithm Basics

Week 2: Topological Sorting

Week 3: Shortest Path in Graph

Week 4: Minimum Spanning Tree

Week 5: Maximum Flow Problem

Week 6: Graph Coloring Problem

Week 7: Maximum Matching Problem

Week 7: Stable Marriage Problem

Week 8: Maximum / Minimum Cut Problems

Week 8: Strongly Connected Components

Week 9: Transitive Closure

Week 9: Travelling Salesman Problem

Week 10: Islands in a Grid

Week 11: Other Graph Theory Algorithms

Week 12: Other Tree based Problems

Week 13.a: Other Graph Traversal Algorithms

Week 13.b: Miscellaneous Graph Theory Problems

Week 13.c: Graph Data Structure using Java

Week 13.d: Applications of Graph in Real life

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